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Psydelia: The Bloody Glove

  1. The Bloody Glove 3:47

This has to be one of the odder items that I've received for review as of late.The package consisted of a single CD with a single track titled 'The Bloody Glove'. Why do I suddenly have this band feeling that someone with far too much time on his hands just decided to put out a O.J. Simpson tribute single. The track opens with the only vocals present throughout the entire track speaking in a monotone, "Is he innocent? Is he guilty? Let's take a journey through his mind." The remaining three and a half minutes are filled with a female groaning in erotic ecstasy, the stab of a knife and various buried samples taken from the criminal trial itself. The totality of the track could be described almost as a subdued ambient dub with the core of the music revolving around various samples as far fetched as the sound of Denise Simpson's screams as she died, ambulance sirens, and court proceedings. Why anyone would shell out the money to place only single track on a independently released CD just for the sole purpose of satirizing the O.J. Simpson debacle is beyond me. The only justification that I can suggest is that Robert Zino of Psydelia was as frustrated with the waste of taxpayers money in the acquittal of O.J. Simpson as I was, and wanted to send a message with a very ironic twist to it.

Psydelia is Robert Zino

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