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Psychopomps: Six Six Six Nights In Hell

  1. Symphonie De La Morgue Souterraine 4:10
  2. Wonderful World 4:57
  3. Satan Lives Within Me 6:21
  4. How I Hate 5:22
  5. Superpsycho 4:37
  6. Gods Gift To Woman 6:18
  7. Scared Eyes Open Wide 6:58
  8. Lies 6:42
  9. The Whore In You 5:12
  10. Trapped 1:40
  11. Six Six Six Nights In Hell 7:48

After two releases where they demean the entire female population of the planet to such an extreme as to sicken me the Psychopomps are back and for the most part avoiding the blatant sexism and torture that you've come to expect from this band. However the same mind numbing thrash industrial hasn't changed one little bit. At least we can praise someone that the lyrical content has decreased from the brutal severity of rape even if the music has remained constantly trite and contrived. Unless you somehow managed to enjoy this band in the past or if perhaps electro thrash is your cup of tea you'll be refreshed to know it is more of the same otherwise you'll want to avoid this album like you would a single night in hell.

Psychopomps are: Jesper Schmidt & Flemming Norre Larsen

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd Ste. D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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