Album Cover

Psychonauts: Demo

  1. Ride
  2. Devilsnake
  3. Psychowoman

I'm at a loss of words as to why I received a copy of this tape for review in the first place. The press kit states that it is a Psychobilly industrial band, but I fail to find any industrial elements in any of the three tracks contained on the demo outside of a single sequence line that is constantly being recycled. To me it seems that the Psychonauts have tried to give themselves the 'Industrial' label in order to try to acquire an audience which they normally could never hope to reach. The music is just your standard run of the mill hillbilly music with a stress of redneck and backwoods raccoon hunting. It falls way outside of the scope of this magazine and as such I won't be commenting any further in order to refrain from any more negative remarks about the band.

Psychonauts are:
P.O. Box 415915
Miami Beach, FL 33141-7915
(310) 864-4970


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