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Psychic TV: Trip Reset

  1. The La La Song 4:13
  2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of the Sun 10:12
  3. I Believe What You Said 6:41
  4. Mother Jack (A Children's Story) 4:19
  5. Wrongs Of Spring 8:49
  6. Lady Maybe 9:00
  7. White Sky 5:17
  8. Black Cat 6:05
  9. A Star Too Far (Lullaby for Syd Barrett) 7:41
  10. Susicious (West Coast Experimental Pop Mix) 7:26
  11. Firewoman (Exhuman Exhortation) 7:56

'Trip Reset' is the first Psychic TV studio album in an inordinate number of years. The cover art is an amusing bastardization of a TV Guide cover with a Daliesque clock floating in space with the date set to Genesis's favorite number, twenty-three. As far as Psychic TV albums go most of them have been tripped out acid house numbers with more hip gyrations than the entire late seventies but don't expect anything of the sort from this album. Genesis with the aid of The Angels of Light have created a remarkably mellow collection of tracks for the new album. Most of the instrumentation used appears to be stringed with the only minimal additions of synthesizer backing to accentuate the mood. Not even the few remixes that appear at the end of the album remotely come close to much of the older Psychic TV. I think being evicted from England and jumping out of a burning house have seriously mellowed Genesis's outlook on life. Abruptly put this album is about as far removed from all avenues of the industrial genre as you can possibly can get. Be warned that unless your open to a serious directional change in the music you might not want to consider purchasing this album.

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8726 S. Sepulveda, Ste. D-82
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