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Pseudo Cipher: Demo

  1. Confession
  2. Embryo

Pseudo Cipher is a newly formed trio hailing from the festering shorelines of Long Beach, CA. This two song demo tape mixes eerie Gothic rock, and subtle electronics. The first track 'Confession' is fronted by a Amber, a classic female Gothic vocalist that compliments that sparse guitar arrangements and minimal percussion, while the on second track 'Embryo', Anton sings with only backing vocals by Amber. Unfortunately, Antons vocals remind me of Depeche Mode in places and a small amount of swirling analogue keyboards compliment his voice. Amber definitely has the most developed vocal training, and my suggestion would be to use her skills exclusively in the future. While the production quality of this release it excellent, it is simply too short to gain any true perspective into this act. You need not worry, however, as they are in the process of recording a full length album on Rhythmsick Records due out late this Spring.

Pseudo Cipher
P.O. Box 3967
Long Beach, CA 90803

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