Album Cover

Prometheus: Skin

  1. Everywhere
  2. Beamin'
  3. Spread Under Wire
  4. The Catch
  5. Skin

The most difficult musical trick these days seems to be able to properly mediate between the vocalist and the music in any given band. Prometheus is one of those bands who has totally failed when it comes to the proper mixture of these two elements. The vocals are very strong and the music uniquely original, but neither functions well with the other. Apart from the obvious production difficulties of this demo, it is fundamentally a solid release assuming you overlook the fact that the vocalist really needed a vocoder. My suggestion is to either get a new vocalist or compose music in an different genre because the current mesh of the two are ear grating at best.

Prometheus is: Jake Soloman

114 24th Ave East #303
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 320-9516


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