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Project Dark: Excited By Gramophones Vol 4

  1. Et Sic Gradius Ad Ima Tenditur
  2. Black Rubber Elvis
  3. The Sand of Music
  4. Danceflawed
  5. Return to Sender
  6. Spongers...
  7. A Short Hop From Sarajevo
  8. Never Fake It (Again)
  9. Liquidation Totale
  10. Jake's Drawing
  11. Ada Pama!
  12. Ten Fingers
  13. ...Shift Right
  14. Armatron (Screw Edison)
  15. White Leather Jacket

Words cannot describe a band whose experimental turntable techniques that use only record players and household objects to create unimaginable sounds. How can you explain the sound that sand paper, sponges, carpet, blackboards, film cells, photographs, parachute silk, plasterboard, and a myriad of other flat objects make when played on a record needle? The ticks, thumps, scratches, rubs, screeches and skips are incredibly diverse. This 15 song collection contains sample elements brought out of retirement from the 40+ limited edition 7" releases by Projekt Dark. The question is: exactly what do bread, cheese, and chocolate sound like on a turntable and do you have to replace the expensive diamond tipped needle when you are done playing music with your lunch?

Project Dark are: Kirsten Reynolds, Ashley Davis & Tony Pattinson

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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