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  1. doesn'tMATTER (noMINDmixx)
  2. reINVENTION (drum-N-BASSmixx)
  3. needtoDESTROY (somethingNUmixx)
  4. paleBLUEdecision (dedi-CATEDmixx)
  5. reINVENTiNG SLEEP (electroBODYmixx)
  6. fallDOWN (greenCONGRESSmixx)
  7. islam (ironHORST/MiNGAmixx)
  8. needLOVE (paleDECISIONmixx)
  9. truCREATORZ (subGRAViTYmixx)
  10. everyBODY (plumbersCRACKmixx)
  11. twistedSKY (chemDRAINmixx)

Following in the axiom that it is better to burn out than fade away, Fifth Columns Records gasps for it's last breathe in the form the supergroup proGREX.iv before imploding into obscurity. Ironically, Jared Hendrickson of Chemlab and former FCR general manager plays a role, albeit small one, on this release which just goes to prove that you can't keep him down for long. The rest of the contestants are rounded out with the duo of Mick Hale and V. Markus of Crocodile Shop and D!v!s!on #9 who are perhaps better known than their counterparts George Sarah and Sarah Folkman of T.H.C. To continue down the inane path that has already been set by such diverse personas is the fact that over half of the so called pro.GREX.iv material is actuality remixes and out takes from the various participants' primary projects. In essence this eclectic collection of Drum'n'Bass, Trance, and other more experimental beat driven electronics, is no more than regurgitated music. I'll just shut up now as I think the prevailing evidence speaks for itself.

proGREX.iv is: Mick Hale, V. Markus, George Sarah, Sarah Folkman & Jared Hendrickson

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044


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