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Pro-Tech: Orbiting Cathedrals

  1. Pheromne 10:26
  2. Erotic Ontology 8:14
  3. Thread Four 8:41
  4. Walls of Ice 5:35
  5. Recalcitrant 6:36
  6. Eros 6:42
  7. Communication 3:46
  8. Re-Thread 7:39

Just when you thought the world was safe from more Front Line Assembly side projects, along comes Pro-Tech. Oddly enough, Pro-Tech contains the exact same membership as on the new Front Line Assembly release, and if you listen close enough, you would swear that the entire album consists of outtakes from the new FLA album "FLAvour of the Weak". Also of note is the fact that musically this album falls into the realm of the Intermix side project, yet was released under a new name, which suggests that perhaps Intermix is indeed a dead project with the departure of Rhys Fulber. In any event, Pro-Tech is more Leeb/Peterson madness in the same vein as all of the other material you have come to expect. However, for the most part it is rather repetitive and mindless, which adds more fuel to the outtake fire based on the quality of the newest FLA material. Of course, most FLA fans will adore Pro-Tech because they cannot get enough of the Leeb formulaic music, yet I for one am starting to get a little bored of the same music over and over again. While it is true that there are a handful of really good tracks on this album, there certainly are not enough to put together an album. Whether or not this side project will survive to release another album, only time and the countless minions of Leeb will tell.

Pro-Tech is: Bill Leeb & Chris Peterson

Dossier Records
Koloniestr 25A
D-13359 Berlin

E-mail: None

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