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Prime Mover: Demodulate

Side 1

  1. Dorian
  2. Headrush
  3. Host
  4. Happy World

Side 2

  1. You're Not Yourself
  2. 3rd Eye
  3. Song For Dani
  4. Demodulate

An intense plunge headfirst, screaming into a violent world filled with power dance electronics, bondage, domination, and religious abuse. One of those bands that mid-way through the first track your beginning to wonder why a major label name isn't on the cassette liner somewhere. The talent behind this Illinois band is tremendous. Having first heard and loved the tracks Prime Mover had on the Thanatopsis compilation, and now my habitual overplaying of this cassette to the point of wearing it out barely even begins to express the power behind duo. Expect a CD release of this bands other project Burning Truck VERY soon. ANY fan of the hardcore dance industrial genre should definitely get this release.

Prime Mover is: Shawn Donoho & Tom Vos

Primer Mover
c/o Shawn Donoho
1561 Charleston Rd.
Salem, IL 62281

Album Cover

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