Pounder: E6

  1. Transparency
  2. Fireside
  3. Throughput
  4. Ddb
  5. 300 Cents
  6. Sworn
  7. Sonic
  8. Reflections (On Warming Up)

Fresh from the live improvisation of Spasm and several live collaborations with Mark Spybey of Dead Voices on Air comes this debut album from Eric Pounder. Following in the footsteps of several of the aforementioned projects, Eric has chosen to create an album based upon the singularity and tonality of a single instrument, the guitar. Now while there are actually several other analogue and digital instruments mixed into the seven tracks present on the album, in reality the soulful plucking of the guitar is the true focus of this release. Eric is quite obviously a master guitar player as is evidenced by the startling degrees of separation between tracks on this album. He can take a single note and make it hang for five seconds, screaming for release at one end of the spectrum, and then dextrously coax the instrument into fits of speed and chaos. It should be noted that this is not an album of guitar solos, but rather an experimental approach to what can be obtained from this staple rock instrument with the aid of a few other obscure instruments when one has the true passion to master it's subtle intricacies.

. Pounder is: Eric Pounder

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618

E-mail: invisihq@aol.com

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