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Porcupine Defense: Splinter

  1. Black Pearl (Pillar of Salt Part II) 6:07
  2. Conversations with the Dead 4:38
  3. Alien Hand Syndrome (A Fitting End) 7:53
  4. Friction 6:54
  5. Defuse (Bomb Squad Mix) 6:10
  6. Liberate 5:07
  7. Inner Noise Level 4:23
  8. Desideratum 5:58
  9. Escape Pod 4:51
  10. Slow Cold Burn 5:52
  11. Ice Age 4:20
  12. Winter Eyes 4:58
  13. Thief of Innocence 8:43

Porcupine Defense is the solo project of Terminal Sect's Colin Schwen that sounds so much like it's parent project that one wonders why it was released under a new name at all. The resemblance between "Splinter" and the Terminal Sect album "Bread and Wine for the Dirt" is uncanny. So much so that you could transparently exchange tracks between each release without really noticing. It certainly goes without saying that if you enjoy Terminal Sect that you will absolutely love Porcupine Defense. What is even more unnerving is that this is the same band who released a pathetic debut album on None of the Above Records several years ago and within a mere fraction of that time has release two superb releases that make most American Industrial music pale in comparison to them. Colin Schwen and Howard Wulkan are definitely going places and the rest us have no choice but to follow along and be consistently impressed at each new twist and turn they choose to follow down their musical path.

Porcupine Defense is: Colin Schwen

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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