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Polly Moller: Taste the Wall

  1. Taste The Wall 4:59
  2. Keeny Zuke 4:31
  3. Smoke 7:02
  4. Skara Brae 7:42
  5. The Swan 6:29
  6. Four Lives 3:49
  7. Road Spiders 4:26
  8. Aerodynamics 6:03

Polly Moller definitely has created one of the most unique hybrid projects in my memory with the release of "Taste The Wall". The core of the music is jerky electronic percussion and bassline, overlayed with a real flute and spoken poetry. The majority of this music was all written solely by Polly Moller, and would be impossible to recreate in a live session because of the sheer variety of instrumentation utilized. Nevertheless, this is the kind of thing I think would go over well in a modern coffer bar, with a DAT machine playing most of the electronics and the solo artist standing at a microphone with her flute interspersing it with various vocal diatribes. The whole album has a really hip Bohemian feel to it that would certainly make it a hit in someplace like the East Village in Manhattan. Kudos to Polly Moller for being daring enough to develop an unique style of music with the potential to crossover into the mainstream under the right circumstances.

Silver Wheel Music
428 View Street
Mountain View, CA 94041


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