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Pokeweed: DeadCircuitCult

  1. Simple Sadness
  2. Chloraseptic
  3. Terminal Reflection
  4. The Subtle
  5. You Are My Sins
  6. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  7. Substance
  8. Shooting Blanks
  9. Embrace the Hate Chain
  10. I Am The Reason There Will Be No More

Pokeweed seems to have learned a thing or two since the release of their first demo. They don't seem to be as dependent on their guitars and acoustic drums as in the past and the electronics actually seem to accentuate the music instead of arm wrestling the fuzz of the guitars for dominance of the music. The vocals still leave a little bit to be desired. They are so electronically altered that they barely sound human, let alone anything that might pass for natural. They are extremely flat and use a great deal of high end treble which dulls the overall sections of the tracks in which they are heavily used. The few tracks which use unmodified vocals actually come off ad crisp and clean, almost devoid of feedback and analog alteration. These are perhaps the best tracks on the album because for the first time all of the elements of the music are allowed to breathe freely and cooperate with each other to create a finite orchestration of sound. Just because you can make you music sound low-tech doesn't always mean it will sound better that way and this album is a key example of that fact.

Pokeweed are:
Atwell - vox, lyrics, creation
Brad - synths, samples, programming
Wes - bass
Dan - guitar

Krazed Sex Kitten Mgmt
c/o Michael S. Free
205 Jefferson Ave Apt 3
York, PA 17403
(717) 845-7480


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