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Pokeweed: Demo

  1. Chloraseptic (Sick Mix)
  2. Tongue Salad
  3. Gunmilk
  4. Terminal Reflection (DeDMix)

Pokeweed is yet another band that seems to think that a sequencer and a sampler added to a traditional guitar, bass, drums rock band will save the day. Instead you end up with a keyboard rhythm trying to keep time with a garage punk technique. The end result is a boringly insipid collection of fuzzy guitar tracks with mindless vocals droning on in the background going nowhere fast. Pokeweed needs to settle on a single style of music instead of sewing this patchwork of music into a stylistic quilt and praying for an audience. The second half of the demo is the only hope the band has for any type of unique sounds when they trash the majority of the acoustic kit for a few odd seconds in favor of the electronic sound wash which disintegrates just as quickly as it arrived. Take some advice and get a real producer who knows something about mixing instead of torturing your instruments by making them constantly compete for the control of the music.

Pokeweed are:
Atwell - vox, lyrics, creation
Brad - synths, samples, programming
Wes - bass
Dan - guitar

Krazed Sex Kitten Mgmt
c/o Michael S. Free
205 Jefferson Ave Apt 3
York, PA 17403
(717) 845-7480


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