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Perceptual Outer Dimensions: euphonia

  1. Preludeum
  2. Euphonia
  3. Voltaic
  4. Neophilia
  5. Eliquaform
  6. De La Luna
  7. Neptunium
  8. Enchanted Loom
  9. Inamorata
  10. Compucosis
  11. Macrocosm
  12. Cathode
  13. Maelstrom
  14. Thanatopsis
  15. Nocturnal Montage
  16. Terminus

The sophomoric effort by POD is nothing short of astounding in it's complexity and depth. Holmes has done a great deal of work with sound layering and ambient sound texturing. The tonality on the album reminds me a great deal of Delerium's 'Semantic Spaces' or Enigma without borrowing a note from either. The overall sound has a less space oriented feel, utilizes a much stronger beat structure than previous album and at times touches briefly into the dancefloor realm for some of it's percussion and basslines. As the album title suggest the album creates an acoustic effect produced by musical patterns combined as to please the ear or euphony. This album is probably my favorite stealth release of the year having snuck up from nowhere and dominated the white noise I play for most of my day to day activities.

Perceptual Outer Dimensions is: Holmes D. Ives

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044
(202) 783-0044


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