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Perceptual Outer Dimensions:
The Journey To Planet Pod

  1. planet pod
  2. hoodoo
  3. rafflesia
  4. hinge
  5. salem
  6. translunar injection
  7. aquanaut
  8. zhin
  9. bowbeana
  10. lurid dance of the erimite
  11. melliflous

Deep space acid ambient music with varying degrees of warped sample mentality. Just enough ambient oddity to for that harsh music overdose, mixed with Doubting Thomas/Delerium programming style, combined to create something completely different. The music, as the title suggest, is a trip to another planet, someplace where the listener needs to never stop moving to the music, and the dj never stops mixing up a new track. Just when you thought you could never hear another ambient style of music, and something as progressive as POD comes along, with an invigorating programming style, unique percussion, and vivid samples. Next time you need a hit, buy this CD, it's more expensive than your usual narcotic, but this one will last a hell of a lot longer.

Perceptual Outer Dimensions is: Holmes D. Ives

Fifth Column Records
PO Box 787
Washington DC, 20044


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