Pinch Point: Ruth in Alien Corn

  1. Gun
  2. Stronghold
  3. Self-Tragedy
  4. Misery
  5. Never
  6. Feel
  7. Luna
  8. Purity
  9. Die In Peace
  10. Fade

After hearing 'Stronghold' on the COP compilation several years ago, I was awaiting this post-Contagion PCB project with anticipation. Unfortunately after just a single sitting it was obvious that this album was a total disappointment. Stereotypical rock guitars punctuated by cliche pop lyrics, and less than stellar programming all suggested that the two years needed to compose this album could have been used for something more useful. Essentially, Pinch Point is nothing but a rock band who has thrown in a drum machine in an effort to become more marketable. As a result they lack any sound of their own and end up sounding like a poor copy of bands like Filter, Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills. I suppose I should have expected this when their previous project sounded like a cross between Nitzer Ebb and Front 242. Pinch Point desperately needs a sound of it's own if it is going to succeed or end up being relegated to the oblivion of bargain bins.

Pinch Point are: Dave Smith, Jack Boughner & Marique Rebmann

Gonzo Records
P.O. Box 3688
San Dimas, CA 91773

E-mail: GonzoRec@aol.com

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