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Pig: Prime Evil

  1. Prime Evil
  2. Wrecked (Ken Ishii Remix)
  3. War Pigs
  4. Everything (Pig remix)
  5. The Keeper pf the Margarita
  6. Save Me (Locust Remix)
  7. Silt (Euphonic Remix)

As usual with most Pig EP's this EP consists of mostly remixes from Raymond's previous full length album, "Wreck", as well as a handful of newer tracks. Of the three new tracks, the title track 'Prime Evil', is in the slow coldwave style that is a Pig staple, 'War Pigs', is a cover version of a Black Sabbath track, and 'The Keeper Of The Margarita' is a more ambient experimental piece. For the most part the remixes are radical departures from the original tracks. By far the most changed is the Ken Ishii remix of 'Wrecked'. Ken strips out most the guitars and replaces them with a variety of unusual electronic samples while keeping the percussion the same and totally changing around the vocal arrangement. The rest of the remixes, while less drastic in their changes, are definitely well worth listening to as well. However, both the title track, 'Prime Evil', with it's wicked low end finale, and the Black Sabbath cover of 'War Pigs' make this EP well worth the price of admission by themselves. So if you've ever experienced any previous Pig material, you won't be disappointed with this EP.

Pig is: Raymond Watts

Yoshi Hoshina/Blue Noise ltd.
#508 Fujigaoka 2-7-5
Aoba-ku Yokohama
227 Japan


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