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Pig: Wrecked

  1. Wrecked
  2. The Book of Tequila
  3. Everything
  4. Find it, Fuck it, Forget It (Regret It Mix)
  5. Save Me
  6. The Only Good One's a Dead One
  7. Fuck Me I'm Sick
  8. My Sanctuary (Spent Sperm Mix)
  9. Blades (Slash Mix)
  10. Silt

As a whole "Wreck" suggests that Raymond Watts is returning to his musical roots for at least a portion of his music. While half of the tracks are in the same vein as "Sinsation", the rest of the album contains a number of more experimental tracks which remind me of his collaborations with Jim Thirlwell for Steroids Maximus. Raymond even mixes and matches his more modern elements with previous staples by starting several tracks with long, drawn-out, noisy collages which thunder into the usual synthcore sound after several minutes. As usual, Raymond's twisted sense of humor plays a prevalent role in his choice of lyrics. Anytime the word 'fuck' replaces indefinite articles like 'the' and the most common word used in the vocals, you know the artist is slightly preoccupied with sex. In any case, "Wreck" should appeal to fans of the more modern Pig sound as well as the Pig of old, which should make just about everyone happy.

Pig is: Raymond Watts

Yoshi Hoshina/Blue Noise ltd.
#508 Fujigaoka 2-7-5
Aoba-ku Yokohama
227 Japan


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