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Pig: Sinsation

  1. Sinsation
  2. Serial Killer Thriller
  3. Hamstringing on the Highway
  4. Golgotha
  5. The Sick
  6. Painiac (Nothing Touchs Me)
  7. Shell
  8. Analgeria
  9. Volcano
  10. Hot Hole
  11. Transceration

Originally released at approximately the same time as the KMFDM album "Nihil" on which Raymond performed guest vocals, "Sinsation" is a domestic reissue that was previously only available as an import from Japan. The first half of the album contains the most guitar oriented Pig tracks I've had the experience of listening too and lays the groundwork for perhaps the most musically diverse Pig album to date. The last half of the album contains mostly long drawn out orchestral arrangements much in the same vein as Steroids Maximus, albeit without the aid of Jim Thirlwell. One might be also quick to point out that this album is the most commercially acceptable Pig release as well which might be why Nothing Records choose to reissue it first before the remainder of the Pig import catalog. However, I would not stop Raymonds Watts short and label him a sell out just because his record label choose this album as his first work on their label. Raymond has always been a compositional genius, thanks in part to his early work with the likes of Thirlwell and Sascha of course. "Sinsation" only serves to attract a larger audience who might have never had a chance to enjoy a Pig release. Thereby luring them to purchase some of his older, more 'experimental' albums when they too, are reissued.

Pig is: Raymond Watts

Nothing Records
10900 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1230
Los Angeles, CA 90024


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