Album Cover

Pounce International Demo

  1. pendulum
  2. serve+protect
  3. violet eyelashes
  4. high altitude nosebleed
  5. altruism
  6. every man a god
  7. velum heart

Light mellow electronic bliss, with few vocals, and large number of samples, bringing to mind Doubting Thomas as a definite influence behind this music. This second demo by Pounce International contains several slightly reworked tracks from the previous demo, as well as several new tracks. Paul has done an excellent job in all areas of his music, including obscure sample choices, an excellent female vocalist on one of the tracks, and in the creation of some very original material that I could even play for my mother. That last one was not meant to be demeaning in any way, but rather to showcase that Paul's abilities can even draw in those who are unaccustomed to this type of music.

Pounce International
c/o Paul Campbell
P.O. Box 164171
Columbus, OH 43216-4171

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