Album Cover

Phylr: Contra la Puerta

  1. I Was Born...
  2. The Field
  3. In a Hole
  4. Home
  5. Chapter II
  6. Intervention
  7. Distance
  8. Circumference
  9. Terminal
  10. Thistle
  11. Away

When Cop Shoot Cop broke up recently it opened up a whole new realm of opportunity for it's members to begin new solo and collaborative projects. Phylr is one such solo venture of J.F. Coleman which features a rather impressive array of percussion and found sound textured programming. Following in the footsteps of such prominent dub masters as Mick Harris of Scorn, Phylr has chosen to utilize a rather straight forward arrangement of percussion as the core of it's sound. However, the comparison ends there as J.F Coleman adds layered sections of strings, a random array of found sound elements and a little bit of good old fashion elbow grease to breathe a vibrant life into his music. He has also incorporated the vocals of Dawn McCarthy of 'Thistle' and 'Away' which give the music a very lush Pop element. Phylr is definitely an outstanding new addition to the Invisible Records table that should please fans of both the Dub and Drum'n'Bass scene while infusing a little bit of worldly culture into it's listeners with it's diversity.

Phylr is: J.F. Coleman

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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