Album Cover

Photophobia: Cathepsin

  1. Blind 28:00
  2. Wanting to be Ashes 15:00
  3. Mantra 12:00

Have you ever stumbled into a music store and buy accident picked out an album that later came to be the prize of your collection? This tape fits into that category. When it arrived in the mail I was expecting a noise and feedback type of sound, but instead I was extremely to pleased to hear something quite different. Marc McNulty could quite possibly be considered a junior Brian Lustmord. The music in this cassette has deep haunting qualities, sonic rumblings not quite unlike many of Lustmord works. The recording quality by any means is not at the same level, but the music itself comes very close. Anyone who enjoys extensive ambient soundscapes rolling through ancient dungeons and echoing through lost corridors will enjoy this release.

Photophobic is: Marc McNulty

Plate Lunch
c/o Marc McNulty
114 N. Edison Avenue
Tampa, FL 33606-1434


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