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Shadows of Prophecy & In His Throes

Shadows of Prophecy

  1. trace of past events 5:12
  2. construction and destruction 5:22
  3. fire must cure this place 4:35
  4. shadow of prophecy 7:08
  5. open the circle 3:54
  6. fly and cross 4:12
  7. wind-licked flames 8:45

In His Throes

  1. the system 6:30
  2. in his throes 5:37
  3. mind inflamed 4:22
  4. torment 5:00
  5. sodomite 2:34
  6. sweet abandon 5:06

Elite sound construction varying from the ear grinding annoyance of pure feedback to discrete particles of sounds that you might use to sonically clean your body. A varied abstract approach to sound manipulation primarily devoid from any pattern of commonly understood musical techniques. However, the sounds produced are not without a sort of unified concept, and in a sense mimic life in all of it's myriad of forms. Intricately weaved clicking resemble radio test patterns while echoes resound from deep beneath some watery prison. A very complex experience is sound constructivism that most noise enthusiasts will enjoy immensely.

PBK is:
Phillip B. Klingler
P.O. Box 1952
Guayama, PR 00785

P.O. Box 4144
Austin, TX 78765


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