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Pax: The Power of Pure Intellect

  1. Coined World 4:18
  2. Low-Down 5:49
  3. Catch My Fire 8:14
  4. Welcome to Your System 4:37
  5. The Power of Pure Intellect 5:07
  6. Aboriginal 6:54
  7. Delicious Land 4:53
  8. Catch My Fire (Remix) 6:28
  9. Spaced Out! 4:43

Pax is one of the newest side projects of Sevren N-Arb of X Marks the Pedwalk and Heiko Daniel of Eco. However, unlike many recent Sevren projects, Pax is amazingly bereft of the Techno nonsense that he has been writing lately. Instead Pax focuses more on the Electro side of the world, albeit a little on the minimalistic and thoroughally undancable side. In fact out of the nine tracks present, only one 'Aboriginal' is fast enough to catch the attention of a club DJ. The rest of the music focuses more on the textures and soundscapes rather than upbeat percussion and groovability. As a result many of the tracks are very similar in vein to early XMTP material which was more experimental in nature even if they are better produced. Ultimately, Pax is a light-hearted band sharing more in common with Synth-Pop and early EBM than with the current breed of Industrial dance music making the rounds. Yet, Sevren still exhibits his masterful compositional skills that will certainly satisfy those listeners awaiting new XMTP with baited breath.

Pax is: Sevren Ni-Arb & Heiko Michael

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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