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Paved in Skin: Paved in Skin

  1. Flood
  2. Stain
  3. Murder
  4. Pure Flood (Remix)

Hailing from Kansas City, this three piece act has the extreme luxury of having John Bergin of Trust Obey and C17H19NO3 fame produce and manage their material. Unfortunately, not even the genius of John can save this band from the monstrousity that it is. The underlying problem with this release is that all of the musical elements clash. The tonality of the vocals are abrasive next to the tinny electronics and flat bass. While the music is certainly original and fresh, the execution sounds totally wrong. Dissonance is the word I want to use to describe this act, but their music doesn't even begin to approach Experimental. Instead, the mixing of the music grinds at the nerves and makes your teeth shiver. The only track that even approaches a melody is the remix of 'Flood'. However, the remix is so far removed from the original track, that you can hardly call it a remix. Pavid in Skin really need to work on harmony amongst themselves, or their carrier is going to be very short lived.

Paved in Skin is:
Dustin Blegstad - bass, keys
Patrick McBride - voice
Joseph Clauder - drums, keys

TypeToken Management
P.O. Box 45634
Kansas City, MO 64171


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