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Patternclear: Beat Supremacy

  1. Blueprint 4:04
  2. Diaspora 4:33
  3. Hunted 3:09
  4. Imperialist 3:54
  5. Deadness 3:53
  6. Sleepwalking 4:00
  7. Miasma 4:13
  8. Lines of Fire 4:23
  9. No Second Chance 4:04
  10. Great Wall 5:40
  11. Ramped-Up 3:02
  12. Remorsecode 4:00

Patternclear is a definite departure from Vuz Records usual roster. Instead of the usual harsh vocals and tonal structure of electro music Patternclear is a synth pop band with mellow vocals and mildy dancey rhythms. A few of the tracks are attempts at dreamy atmospheric ambient pieces but for whatever reason they seem to fall flat on their face. Have you ever had one of those albums where listening to it made your entire skin crawl because something wasn't quite right with the way the music sounded? This is definitely one of those albums. There is something disastrously wrong with the way this album is put together and I can't seem to quite be able to place my finger on it. Perhaps it is because the music is a little too New Age for me or it creates bad flashbacks to the nightmare music of childhood that I was forced to listen to by my parents. Whatever the reason this album has left me seriously paranoid about the cause of it's contextual chaos.

Patternclear are:
Phil Clarke - lead vocals & programming
Elizabeth S. - lead & backing vocals

Vuz Records
P.O. Box 170 116
47181 Duisburg


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