Paradise Lost: One Second

  1. One Second 3:34
  2. Just Say Words 4:03
  3. Lydia 3:31
  4. Mercy 4:25
  5. Soul Courageous 3:01
  6. Another Day 4:44
  7. The Sufferer 4:30
  8. This Cold Life 4:21
  9. Blood of Another 4:01
  10. Disappear 4:30
  11. Sane 4:00
  12. Take Me Down 5:27

While mostly a pure pop band, Paradise Lost's new album "One Second" also utilizes quite a few Gothic and Darkwave elements as well. Unfortunately it seems that the band has only chosen to use those elements in an effort to escape the Dark Metal path they have followed for years. As a result these elements seem to only be used as introductions and closings of songs rather than as core elements for any of the tracks. So the music comes off as rather cheesy ballads and dark themed poetry without any real passion behind it. The whole album sounds like a attempt to utilize the latest musical trend and try to make it big. Luckily the Paradise Lost does a rather pathetic job at trying to be Gothic and the album falls flat on it face rather quickly. Let this be a warning to other bands who lack the true convictions for this type of music to not try and duplicate this effort.

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