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P*A*L: M@rix

  1. Metrum v1.2
  2. Unwanted
  3. Cyber Junkyard
  4. T.A.E.
  5. E-Mass
  6. Hybcollab 3
  7. Germanized Industry
  8. Whomp That Sucker! (live)
  9. Purge
  10. Wasteland

Christian Pallentin returns with his second full length record that is, perhaps, the most electronically influenced to date. Once again, the album is free from lyrical content, yet just enough vocal samples to satiate those hungry for dialogue. M@rix is also the most cohesive album with tracks that flow together in a pleasing manner, from more upbeat tracks towards slower, more experimental pieces. Yet, the album still fits well within the mold of the Power Noise movement, regardless of the massive tempo differences between the swiftness of 'Metrum v1.2' and the drawl of 'Wasteland'. M@rix also contains a very well produced live track: 'Whomp That Sucker', with analogue bleeps and warbles. There is even a P*A*L / Hybryds collaboration, aptly titled, 'Hybcollab 3' which is the noiseest and most chaotic track on the album. P*A*L has definitely grown a great deal since the release of "Signum" in 1995, yet fans of his previous work should still enjoy the caustic brilliance of his compositions.

P*A*L is: Christian Pallentin

Ant-Zen Records
Lessingstr 7A
93049 Regensburg


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