Album Cover

Pain Station: Personal Demons

Side 1

  1. The End of You
  2. Cringe

Side 2

  1. Transparent
  2. Pieces of You

Please, please, please turn the bass down! This entire tape blows most guitar industrial music out of the water, but even with my mega bass speakers the bass level is way too high. The music is a very creative mix of sampled guitar, and hardcore EBM style music. The sampled guitars, unlike most, are not repetitive and actually accent the music rather than detract. The music varies from guitar laden tracks to hard dance floor style industrial. The only think I found tacky was the obvious sample of Einstruzende Neubauten at the beginning of one of the tracks. I supposed it could be worse, however this band is not a NIN clone.

Pain Station is Scott Sturgis

Pain Station
P.O. Box 140096
Cincinnati, OH 45250-0096


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