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Various Artists: Operation Beatbox

  1. CHRIST ANALOGUE Dr. Dre & Ice Cube - "Natural Born Killaz"
  2. 16 VOLT - Cypress Hill - "I ain't Goin out like that"
  3. CLAY PEOPLE - House of Pain - "Jump Around"
  4. SOCIETY BURNING Ice-T - "Colors"
  5. TERMINAL 46 - Public Enemy - "Night of the Living Bassheads"
  6. APPARATUS - Paris - "The Devil Made Me Do It"
  7. BATTERY - Coolio - "Gangsta's Paradise"
  8. NUMB - Salt-N-Pepa - "Push it"
  9. SMP - Public Enemy "Prophets of Rage"
  10. TINFED w/KILLING FLOOR - Beastie Boys - "Looking Down the Barrel of a gun"
  11. SLAVE UNIT - Goats - "Typical American"
  12. D.C.K. - Public Enemy "- Fight The Power"
  13. COLLA DESTRA - Ice Cube - "Wicked"
  14. INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Run-DMC - "King of Rock"
  15. APOLITIQ - LL Cool J - "Momma Said Knock You Out"
  16. INSIGHT 23 - Run-DMC - "Can You Rock it Like This"
  17. ABSTINENCE - Beastie Boys - "Two Three Break"

This compilation of cyperpunk cover versions of rap tracks was perhaps the most hyped released of the year and with it now finally hitting the streets we now know it was well worth the wait. Not having listened to much rap music as a youth this record was extremely amusing to listen to because of the inanity of each artists personal interpretations of the original lyrics. Some bands like Battery choose to cut portions of the original lyrics in favor of more grammatically correct terminology. Others like Christ Analogue choose to remain mostly faithful to the context of the original tracks whereas Institute of Technology effectively rewrote their entire track from the ground up. Hilights include Don Gordon of Numb totally annihilating Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" so much that it made me break out into fits of laughter when I first heard it and Battery making Coolio blush with inadequacy with their version of "Gangsta's Paradise". Don't be surprised if you find the majority of these tracks more than amusing as there is something fundamentally wrong with a gang of privileged white kids trying to sound like a band of inner city black youths. Then again, I never understood the Beastie Boys when they released their first album either, so what do I know?

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