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Noisex: Out of Order

  1. Bring Down the Crimerate
  2. Rhythm Age 1,2,3,4
  3. Tarantula Danza
  4. Rhythm Age Rhythm Nation
  5. Reaktorkatastroph - Out of Order
  6. The End, Part I
  7. Keep Smiling Korea
  8. Dattelpflucker
  9. Elastica Economica
  10. Bloodsport
  11. Orgasmic Infiltration
  12. Congenital Defect
  13. The End, Part II
  14. Yellow Smoke
  15. Nightmare Lodge
  16. Adapt Environment
  17. One for Noisex
  18. Nightshift
  19. Rhythm Age Help Me Out
  20. Silent Soldier
  21. Redacta Excrements
  22. Rhythm Age 1,2,3,4 (Taste-This-version)
  23. Ka-Vau-Drummer

This is NOT a side-project of :wumpscut: although Rudy supplies vocals to many tracks and produced the album, so it is understandable why there has been some confusion. All that aside, it does have somewhat of :wumpscut: feel to it with it's aggressive, yet sullen programming; but it does have more of an experimental feel throughout (comparable to harsher Dive material or Esplendor Geometrico). Plenty of noisy, manipulated samples and sounds appear through the entire album, with an overall "fuzziness" linking these sounds together. But this is not a release that is so unlistenable or experimental that you would run screaming from this album (unless you're a radio or pop fan). A distorted beat is often present within the structure of many songs (although this is not for the dance floor), and most rivetheads would fully appreciate this release. There are a few gothic and classical-sounding influences on this album as well, such as on the tracks 'The End Part I and Part II'. This release presents a nice combination of disturbing, aggressive post-industrial styles with slices of "fluid" experimentalism, that fans of both genres should enjoy. (Kevin Congdon)

Noisex is: Raoul Revere

Mental Ulcer Forges
Luitpoldstr. 32,
84034 Landshut, Germany

E-mail: none

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