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Nobody: Cares...

  1. Eyes Sharp, Teeth Sharper
  2. Walls Walked Away
  3. Transhelianlation
  4. Ghost Ov The Party
  5. Cold Weather
  6. Taskovlove
  7. Seduced

Nobody is one of those bands who had decided that treading the fine line between rock and electronics is something they would like to risk. The end result is an album that should attract audiences from both sides of the fence just to see exactly which genre of music will win out. About half of the material is heavily laced with samples, keyboards, and sequenced basslines, with guitars taking a backburner to the almighty digital god. The rest of the album relegates the electronics to mere whispers in the overall final mix of the music. Lastly the band has decided to sign on a slightly less than mentally stable lead vocalist to mix things up even more. As a result the music ends up with a kinky psychedelic feel to it with just the right amount of causal insanity to make it all seem like some horrifically sick practical joke. It's nice to see a band that has both talent and a serious appreciation of humor. Nobody ought to go far as long as they keep the schtick in-line and continually back it up with quality music like on this album.

Nobody is:
Christopher Agnew - ventriloquial prestidigitator
Devin Williams - synthetic aural engineer
Eric French - drums, percussions advisor
Robert Clark - bass foundation

P.O. Box 19881
Portland, OR 97280


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