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No One: No One

  1. Imginery Intelligence Hole
  2. Strep to Dornase
  3. Exhaustion Death
  4. Soft Hell
  5. Crypts of Morgagni
  6. Acephalous
  7. Structural Integration
  8. Concussion
  9. Is As It Was
  10. Dimentional Descrepancy
  11. Premium Exploded Skull

No One is the solo project of Lars Hansen better known for his work with Oneroid Psychosis. This album is a collection of four track tapes and other diverse recordings that predate his other project by several years. Each track serves as a signpost along the musical exploration highway of Lars Hansen. All are very rough around the edges and vary in style and intensity. Vocals are non-existent, instead samples and loops derive the bulk of the recorded material. A few of the tracks are show signs of perhaps having been early Oneroid Psychosis material. Just as many tracks are so mottled that without prior knowledge one would not even assume the music has been composed by Lars. If you are looking for an unorthodox collection of experimental music then this album is definitely for you, otherwise you are advised to look elsewhere.

No One is: Lars Hansen

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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