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Murder DK: Sixteen Down

  1. Sixteen Down
  2. Chemical Inbound
  3. Temptation

After listening to the first track on this demo, one can't help but wonder if either Eric Powell from 16 Volt is a secret guest vocalist, or that Murder DK is trying to compose a vocal and note-perfect 16 Volt clone track. The track in question, which is conspicuously titled 'Sixteen Down' contains trademark Eric Powellesque lyrics and vocal punctuation, while the music has that "Skin" era sound that sounds way too similar to be coincidental. What makes this cassette even odder is that the other two tracks on the demo sound nothing like the first track, musically or vocally. So we are left with the inevitable question of wondering who actual wrote and sung 'Sixteen Down', and if it was Eric Powell, why wasn't he credited?

Murder DK is:
Joe Yutsus - vox, programs, guitars
John Seput - programs, samples
Steve Debello - additional guitars

Psykoziz Records
144 North Beverwyck Road #348
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034-1909


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