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Mind Side Out: Synergy

Phase 3

  1. Sacrifices
  2. Pretty Girls
  3. Icepick
  4. Misery
  5. Better
  6. Twist (blood mix)
  7. Money

Phase 2

  1. Can't Tell
  2. Salvation
  3. Future
  4. Twist The Knife
  5. Mariana Diving
  6. Wind
  7. More
  8. Change

Phase 1

  1. Two Kinds of Silence
  2. Spirits of Jealousy
  3. Sonic
  4. Lasivio
  5. Twist the Knife (slowly)

A very intriguing twist between the vocalist of INXS, and Depeche Mode, coupled with Depeche Mode style lyrics, and synth work, but with a great deal more percussion. This might as well be pop music in places, and if this CD every get radio play, I'm sure the europop/synthpop fans will fawn all over this band. However, buried deeper in the background, is an industrial dance/goth element, masquerading behind the veil. All the elements are present through all the bands three incarnations, but they choose instead to not attempt to grow any in that arena, and focus directly on accessible music. This is be no means a band thing, they are obviously very good at what they do, and probably very content. It's just odd to hear the indie dance percussion buried so deep in the background.

Mind Side Out are:
Roman Chance
Tod Thrash
Eugene Canady

Mind Side Out
P.O. Box 45388
Phoenix, AZ 85064-5388


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