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Mr. Magic's Nightflight created by Norman

  1. The Wildlife
  2. Mr. Magic's Nightflight
  3. Change Your Mind
  4. Go Ahead in the Rain
  5. Childhood Memories
  6. Gig in the Open Sky
  7. Magic's Theme - The Last Flight

Journey back to that glorious (who are we kidding here) time of childhood with this ambient wonderment. Mr. Magic's Nightflight might be more appropriate bedtime music than anything else. I can't seem to understand why people try to package something towards children when the music quite obviously is focused towards that age group. Maybe I'm being overly harsh but things like Aladdin and Funhouse come to mind when I listen to this music. Of course, I could be missing the point entirely but then what would be the point of this album anyways?

Written, produced and arranged by Norman Peller

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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