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Morphine Angel: Project ISA

  1. One Grave 4:14
  2. Ice 5:02
  3. Anubis Rising 3:59
  4. Prince of Swords 3:39
  5. Eternal 6:00
  6. Dane of Daughters 3:26
  7. Flesh and Bone 2:52
  8. Fine Home Design 5:32
  9. Breakfast with Cthulu 5:30
  10. Black Phoenix 5:55
  11. Eyes of Fire 4:11
  12. Fiends 7:05

Just when you thought the gothic movement had shown marked progression with bands such as Project Pitchfork and Switchblade Symphony, here comes a band that would have fit comfortably in the gothic genre a decade ago. Morphine Angel is old school gothic rock band with just a spice of punk. The brooding male vocals and wantonly angstful lyrics abound throughout the entire album. The only track worthy of mention which seemed to catch my eye was 'Fine Home Design' which seemed almost hauntingly familiar as if it either was a cover or I had heard it somewhere else before. The liner notes did not credit it as a cover but I am still hesitant to rule out that possibility. Anyone wanting to shed themselves of the older gothic sound should definitely avoid Morphine Angel but for those still experiencing the splendor and grace of the past or who have just found themselves drawn to the darker genres should give a listen. Morphine Angel may be a blast from the past for some, but they perform admirably in their role.

Morphine Angel is:
Johnny Lee - vocals
Wolfe - guitar
Paul Fredric - bass
Alice - rhythms

Black Pepper Records
P.O. Box 81854
Lincoln, NE 68501
(402) 435-5823


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