Album Cover

Monolith: Compressed Form

  1. Audio-Decoder
  2. Decompressed Form
  3. Between Zero and One
  4. The Resolution
  5. Virtual Product Code
  6. Protodive Five
  7. Entertune Converter
  8. Static Source Zits
  9. Crash Comfort
  10. The Shapeshifter
  11. PXL Flux v2.1

Eric Van Wonterghem, better known for his work with Absolute Body Control, and Insekt, returns with his first new solo project in years as Monolith. For the most part Eric has been laying low for the past few years, doing mostly studio work for Dirk Ivens of Daft Records and a little bit of production for bands like Suicide Commando. So it comes as no surprise that Monolith shares a great deal in common with bands like Dive or Suicide Commando in its use of noise as its sound element of choice. However, unlike the aforementioned projects, Eric has chosen to work both without the aid of vocals and the use of fast beat structures. Instead Eric has gone the route of minimalism and atmosphere with his newest project, yet maintaining just enough substance and percussion to retain the interest for fans of the so called Power Noise movement. As a result, the eleven tracks on this album vary back and forth from more cohesive, yet slow, beat driven pieces, to those who experiment with deep bass tones and caustic strings. Monolith is certainly a project to keep an eye out for, because often where Eric Van Wonterghem walks, a new musical trend seems to follow.

Monolith is: Eric Van Wonterghem

Daft Records
Stationsstraat 116
9120 BBeveren

E-mail: None

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