Album Cover

Minus Sign: Ground

Side 1

  1. don't
  2. methodology
  3. ground down
  4. dearth
  5. birds
  6. fear 7

Side 2

  1. gridirons
  2. violate me
  3. in god below
  4. finite wisdom
  5. ecs 2

Minus Sign has leapt years into the future with this new album. Having heard some of the tracks previously they reworked versions are incredible. Mitch has produced some of the most amazing music here. As a general rule most of the music is traditional dance industrial with the occasional sound scape or goth piece. However the depth at which the music explores new levels in electronic music is amazing. At face value you might compare it to some of the later Front Line Assembly or perhaps Klinik in programming style then add a vibrance of life to the music without the sterility of the machine you have Minus Sign. A fresh new electronic sound with obvious roots in the industrial genre but breaking new ground with each new track layed.

Minus Sign is: Mitchell Sigman

Chroma Machine Musik
P.O. Box 1604
Simi Valley, CA 93062-1604
(805) 526-1223


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