Minus Sign: Temporary

Side 1

  1. Bleeding
  2. Wait
  3. All I Am
  4. Mount

Side 2 - Bonus Tracks

  1. Dearth
  2. Neurofuck
  3. Ecs 2

Minus Sing is like Nitzer Ebb on speed, mix in a little Sister Machine Gun, and some of the new Front 242, set on uree, and you've got a great sounding band. Many of the tracks have the dirty edge to them, pointing out that the band, while not shoddy by any standards, needs to grow, and change and move to a style that suits themselves, all the time trying to create a smoother sound, and rhythms that don't always change from on minute to the next. Very good EBM, with Nitzer Ebb style lyrics, and vocal tones, with just a tad to much over rhythms that tend to drone out the voice from time to time. The band shows great promise for future growth. Watch for a forthcoming CD soon.

Minus Sign is Mitchell Sigman

Chroma Machine Musik
P.O. Box 1604
Simi Valley, CA 93062-1604
(805) 526-1223

E-mail: msign@aol.com

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