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Mind Collide: Cybertronic Technomatic

  1. Seeking Normality 4:35
  2. Helen's Kitchen 4:14
  3. Gun to the Head 4:29
  4. Retroctive 5:52
  5. Solution 4:35
  6. The Move 4:06
  7. Humanoids 6:03
  8. Soul Sonic 4:23
  9. Elastik 5:51
  10. Gilhaha 5:58

Mind Collide is the minimalist techno enthusiasts dream. Remarkably concise percussion and sequencer patches are the main choice of the artists throughout the album. A few of the tracks even border on modern synth pop with watered down drums and sugary choices of keyboard programming. Nothing really suggest that this release could ever reach a club dance floor because it never really gets moving. Each track is so sparse and short on the bass dub sound that is so favored by DJ's these days that it will probably never reach a club play list. I think what makes this album seem so out of place is that it doesn't seem finished. Each track would sound fine if this was a working demo with each track being about half completed. There is so much more room for musical diversity and growth in each track but the artists doesn't ever go anywhere with it. In the end it makes for a rather boring musical endeavor that could really use more depth.

Mind Collide is: J. Lawrence

Bionic Records
P.O. Box 464
MT Freedom, NJ 07970
(201) 927-5097

E-mail: none

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