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Micronaut: Micronaut

  1. Brain Forest
  2. Acidosis
  3. Send In The Clones Part 1
  4. Send In The Clones Part 2
  5. Ribofunk
  6. 12 Minutes
  7. Deep
  8. Sweeper
  9. Black Hole

Chris Randall doesn't take long to rebound from what seemed like the end of his musical career after being dropped from TVT Records earlier this year. However, Chris has been a busy little musician the past few months and not only has he assembled a new solo project, but he has released it himself on his own newly founded record label, Positron Records. It seems that the major label stigma has struck Chris so hard that he has decided to strike out on his own and prove everyone that he can succeed. As a result. the music written for Micronaut is distinctly different than the Sister Machine Gun material we have all been used to. Instead of Industrial Rock band, Micronaut is a club friendly Techno excursion into the realm of Electronica. If you have had a chance to hear the track which SMG donated to Decibel Records "Resonance" compilation in 1997, then you have a pretty good idea what this album will sound like. Oddly enough, when I spoke to Chris during an interview in December of 1997 he said , "I am not going to take a step back musically and ride the current trend of Electronica either. Anybody can write that kind of music." Yet here he is writing this kind of music, I am not sure how to respond.

Micronaut is: Chris Randall

Positron Records
2702 N. Mozart
Chicago, IL 60647


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