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Myra Davies & Gudrun Gut: Miasma

  1. Intro 1:11
  2. Taxi 6:14
  3. No Time 2:48
  4. Control 4:06
  5. Stupid A A Rose 3:20
  6. Hiroko 3:37
  7. Heathcliff 7:34
  8. Lesson 3:27
  9. Stupid As A Rose II 3:06
  10. Power 4:08
  11. Chains 5:33
  12. Tattoo 4:58
  13. Outro 8:38

'Miasma' is the CD release of what originally was a performance art piece performed in Germany and Canada. Normally the single audio channel of a CD release of a performance tends to become sterile as it lacks the visual channel required for a full appreciation of the medium. However in this case 'Miasma' is anything but sterile and fresh from the womb. The concept behind the album is quite unlike anything else I've had the luxury to indulge in as of late. The central essence of this piece is more than a story rather than an album because of it's original accompaniment to a piece of performance art. The majority of the vocals are not actually sung but in fact read with the background music varying from fast pace electronic beats, ambient sound textures and the silent sound of only the vocalist. The text various back and forth between telling the story which I haven't quite fathomed the extent of and tongue and cheek innuendo buried so deep that it took several listens to firms grasp the subtlety of the wretched bizarre humor. The only comparison that I can draw between 'Miasma' is to several of the varying side projects of the members of Einstruzende Neubauten which include Radio Inferno, Prometheus Lear & Apocalypse Live. The key differences between both styles of audio performance art are the primary language, in this case English with a smattering of German, the use of minimalistic sound constructions instead of those heavily layered beyond the ability of the average listener to distinguish and the use of grotesque humor as a literary device to coincide with the music.

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10793, Berlin

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