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M. Griffin: Sudden Dark

  1. Chroma (Close Your Eyes) 0:59
  2. The Sound of Ringing Sleep 4:43
  3. Floating Rain 7:05
  4. Immobile 6:45
  5. Almost Invisible 1:16
  6. Displace 19:18
  7. Gyre 13:01
  8. Escape/Approach 5:40
  9. Atmosphere 5:33
  10. Unfinished 2:30

Mike Griffin has finally seen fit to bless his own record label with the release of his own solo material. Of course, he contributed a great deal to the Viridian Sun release a few month back, but this time around he is the sole producer of the Ambient warbling that graces "Sudden Dark". For the most part, all of the material on this release consists of dark Ambient drones, whorls, atmospheres, and other oddities. Each piece envelops the listener with its complex and thickly woven strings and bass. While "Sudden Dark" should appeal to Ambient and Drone fans alike, it also should appeal to those fans of some of the more New Age artists such as Steve Roach, Jeff Greinke, or Vidna Obmana due to the similarity of composition style, texture, tone, and depth. Overall, one achieves a very serene and surreal mood from listening to this release and that alone is sufficient reason to acquire it, simply as a musical device to relieve the daily stresses we all are placed under.

Hypnos Recordings
P.O. Box 6868
Portland, OR 97228


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