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Morning Gold Fix vs. Experiencing Difficulty

Side 1 - Morning Gold Fix

  1. Compunctious Disruption 3:39
  2. Liquid Protein Spill 3:51
  3. Elemental 2:51
  4. Flexadecible 2:59
Jeremy Tolsma has finally done something I never thought would happen. He has actually released music that if under the influence of the correct drugs you can dance too. This time out he's strayed away from totally chaotic noise harmonics and settled for more of a middle of the road approach towards his music. Don't get me wrong, the noise is still there, but it has been refined and used to accent the rumbling percussion and drum rhythms. Morning Gold Fix has grown up into something that most normal people might begin call music, now whither this is a bad thing remains to be seen.

Side 2 - Experiencing Difficulty

  1. Slow Kids At Play 8:35
  2. Jabberjaw Beatbox 5:22
The counterpart of this cassette decidedly has way too much time on its hands. Mixing childhood toy noises, jazz tunes, random bits of noise and trying to justify to the world that it has musical content. I could have sworn that I escaped from wind up melodies when I was three. Excellent torture music for little children as you attack their toy collection with napalm, chainsaws, industrial solvents, and howitzers. The boogieman has dragged the merriment out of the closet and has proceeded to spam your ears with the entirety at once. Might want to check into what fell into this bands water before you purchase.

Morning Gold Fix
#116 Productions
P.O. Box 18142
2225 W. 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6M 4L3


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