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Mesmer: Mesmer

  1. Breathe of Fire
  2. Fire Reveals Itself 1
  3. Eternal Circuit
  4. Form (Mirror) Form
  5. Floating 1
  6. Floating 2
  7. Eternal Circuit (*)
  8. Bio-Reprogramming For Quantum Cells
  9. Lost ~-~ Loosing
  10. Fire Reveals Itself 2
  11. Syncretism
  12. Da Ga Doomb
  13. Fallen...Seeds
  14. Peak Crest A
  15. Into The **Sun**

Mesmer is a band of many extremes but of one common singularity. While the music make take on extremes from tribal ferocity to lulling folk tunes, the single constant is the use of ethnic and experimental instrumentation. Historical and other natural instruments seem to encompass the bulk of the music making devices used on this release. There are also a handful of more modern devices used, but they seem to be used more as filler than as the primary music composition devices. More of the upbeat tracks remain vocal-less, instead choosing to pull upon the trance like nature of the music for it's communication. The slow, more folk like tracks are those which lyrics seems to be more common. Yet vocals still remain the least emphasized portion of the material. Overall Mesmer is amongst the growing number of bands who use many of the elements of traditional 'industrial' music alongside thousands of years of more primitive musical techniques. Thereby creating a mixture of musical styles that borders on techno-shamanism.

Mesmer is: Derek Ecklund

P.O. Box 772
Portland, OR 97207

E-mail: None

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