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Merzbow: Tauromachine

  1. Cannibalism of Machine 6:08
  2. Emission 4:05
  3. Soft Water Rhinoceros 8:56
  4. Minatauros 7:23
  5. Heads of Clouds 12:11
  6. Untitled Nude Pulse 5:51
  7. Wounded Cycad Dub 7:09

Merzbow and Aube are vying for the most prolific noise artist of the millennium. The release of "Tauromachine" makes at least two dozen Merzbow releases already in 1998 and the rumored Extreme records 50 CD boxed set is still due out before 2000, Masami Akita seems destined to win the war. As with all Merzbow releases, the caustic material is painful at best and deafening at worst. With "Tauromachine", however, Masami at least lulls his audience with a false sense of security, starting each track with a well defined and subtle rhythm before attacking the aural centers with cacophonius feedback. Musically, the album borders on the most abusive Power Noise with a semblance of percussive structure. These rhythms keep this album from falling into an abyss of intolerable dissonance.

Merzbow is: Masami Akita

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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