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Merzbow: Age of 369/Chant 2

Disc 1:

  1. Part 1 18:16
  2. Part 2 12:44
  3. Part 3 24:30
  4. Part 4 05:55

Disc 2:

  1. Part 1 23:44
  2. Part 2 24:06
  3. Itomakiei 09:47

This double album set contains some of the earliest Merzbow material that was only previously available on long out of print limited editions cassettes. So now for the first time this material is available on a non-limited digital format for all fans of this Japanese solo noise project. Also at the end of the second CD are two never before released tracks from the huge archives of Merzbow material that has never seen the light of day until now. Since, all of the material present on this release is of an older age, it definitely sounds dated in comparison to newer Merzbow material, but as with all experimental noise projects that hardly makes a difference. Most tracks avoid the use of direct white noise feedback as the primary musical element and instead use it as background material for more complex loops of both found and generated caustic sound. True Merzbow and noise fans will definitely want take a look at this release, but if you are not a fan of this type of deconstruction technique you have been suitably warned.

Merzbow is: Masami Akita

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Preston 3072

Extreme North America
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